Formulaic Trending Money Manager®

Portformulas provides Formulaic Trending Money Manager® investment solutions, which are quantitative mechanical methodologies and models for investors. Portformulas operates pursuant to "Limited Discretionary Authority" in order to manage portfolios based upon one or more specific, step-by-step investment strategy qualification criteria and account rebalancing, as indicated and selected by each investor. This proprietary system is referred to as the Portformula® Investment Strategy.

We provide transparency of the automated, step-by-step investment strategy qualification criteria. Most of the Portformula Investment Strategies use the selected qualification criteria to completely eliminate human emotion from the investment selection process, while Preferred Stock Strategies eliminate a majority of the human emotion from the investment selection process.

Our Formulaic Trending Money Manager® qualification criteria apply a strict quantitative methodology and model for investing within each investor-selected Portformula strategy. In other words, the Portformula strategy will ultimately identify which holdings to own, how long to own them, and when to sell them. You can always identify holdings you own inside your Portformula Investment Strategy, unlike many traditional money management portfolios.

Should you become interested in investing, you will need to request a Hypothetical, ADV and the Sponsor Disclosures and Descriptions.

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